About Aluminium

We deal in AI-V mother alloy and various other kinds of aluminium mother alloys.

  • Main applications

    As a so-called “base metal,” aluminium has a very broad range of uses including motor vehicles, aircraft, building materials, and beverage cans.

  • Products we handle

    Aluminium alloys including Al-V mother alloy, and aluminium scrap, etc.

Advantages of AMJ

  • 1

    PERFORMANCESpecialist in high-volume procurement and processing

    For anything ranging from massive procurements of materials in quantities of 100 tons or more, to advanced refining of materials for parts manufacturing, we can prepare proposals for your specific needs.

  • 2

    FLEXIBILITYWe accept orders for small and large lots.

    We can tailor the quantity and schedule of deliveries to your needs, from one-off procurements of tons of material, to regular, continual deliveries in smaller quantities.

  • 3

    SAFETYRegular, legitimate procurement for safety and a sense of security

    Since all of AMJ’s procurement deals with clients are based on regular and fully legal contracts, clients can use our materials with peace of mind.

  • 4

    AVAILABILITYIf you need multiple materials simultaneously, leave it to us!

    In a great many real-world applications, multiple materials are needed at the same time. AMJ can arrange to provide you with all the materials you need in a single order and procurement.

Flow of transactions

  • STEP 1Inquiries

    STEP 1Inquiries

    Firstly, feel free to consult us using the inquiry form.

  • STEP 2Conversation

    STEP 2Conversation

    One of our staff will speak to you about the materials you want to use and how you want to use them.

  • STEP 3Our proposal

    STEP 3Our proposal

    Based on the conversation, we provide you with a proposal to meet your needs, including a cost estimate.

  • STEP 4Contract

    STEP 4Contract

    Once the proposal details and estimate are finalized and agreed, a formal contract is signed.

  • STEP 5Delivery

    STEP 5Delivery

    We deliver the resources and materials you need for an optimal solution, based on our proposal.

For further information ranging from procurement of
materials to practical applications, please contact us.

For further information ranging from procurement of
materials to practical applications, please contact us.