Employment opportunities

Are you prepared to engage with the

Are you prepared
to engage with the

If you feel cramped or limited in your current job and ready to work in a global setting, you can knock on the door at AMJ.
We would be interested in hearing from you. Advanced Material Japan is seeking like-minded people to work together with us on exciting new challenges.

Guidelines for applicants

Overseas sales

Planning and sales duties for procurement and delivery of rare metals and materials. Planning and preparing proposals for customers all over the world, from Tokyo.

Overseas sales
Desirable candidates

Persons interested in rare metals and materials.
Persons enthusiastic about working in a global setting.
Persons who value teamwork and feel pride in their individual work efforts.

Employment pattern

Full-time (regular) employee

Work hours

9:15 am to 5:30 pm


21F Sanno Park Tower, 2-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


To be decided based on interview, expectations, and previous work performance.

Pay rises and bonuses

Pay rises: Once a year
Bonuses: Twice a year

Holidays and leave

Full 5-day workweek (off on Sat. & Sun./public holidays/summer vacation/year-end vacation/bereavement leave/paid leave)

Social benefits

Full social insurance, retirement benefits, and employee stock ownership scheme of the parent company (Alconix Co., Ltd.)

Process up to employment

  • STEP 1Apply using the form

    STEP 1Apply using the form

    Enter the required employment-related information using the inquiry form and submit it.

  • STEP 2 Interview

    STEP 2Interview

    Applicants who pass the initial selection process will have multiple interviews, including one with the CEO.

  • STEP 3 Decision to hire

    STEP 3Decision to hire

    If you are hired your work start date will be negotiated and there will be various other procedures to follow.

We wouldn’t say
“feel free to apply” exactly.
But if you are serious
and wholehearted,
please do apply.

For further information ranging from procurement of
materials to practical applications, please contact us.