President Shigeo Nakamura
Shigeo Nakamura

We, Advanced Material Japan Corporation (AMJ), as a trading company and a new venture specializing in rare metals, have been aiming at a concept, ”Creation of a new sense of valuation.” Rare metals are materials indispensable for all kinds of new material fields such as electronic materials of mobile phone, PC and slim TV, and materials of hybrid cars and airplanes.

Eight years have passed since we established AMJ as a trading company specializing in rare metals, while our annual sale has increased from 4 billion yen (Approx.US$ 50 million) to 70 billion yen (Approx. US$ 875 million).

Now, AMJ has been dealing so far mainly with rare metals for electronic and functional materials, but from now on will aim at the development of ferroalloy in the resources field of structural materials. China has been making a great stride in the fields of stainless steel and special steel, and has been changing from a supplying country to a demanding country. From this point of view, we are considering it necessary to secure the rare metal fields of a new ferroalloy.

Japan, a nation of poor resources, is relying on foreign nations in the supply 0f almost all rare metals。Japan has won more than half of the worldwide share in the production of electronic and functional materials, and yet it is real, to my regret, that there is no guarantee for our stable saving of those material resources.

In addition, all nations of such resources have begun to accelerate the enclosure of their own resources, which, as it is no exaggeration, may threaten the life-line of technology-oriented nation like Japan.

On the other hand, the terrestrial environmental issue has been turning serious together with that of resources. Japan, considering the global warming issue serious, has promised the world the drastic reduction of carbon dioxide emission. Thus, it will be beyond dispute that the issues of both resources and environment which mankind must unitedly solve are becoming a most important.

In that sense of meaning, it is necessary for us to have the point of view that we support IT and Material industries and at the same time keep in mind the environmental issues of overseas mines and smelting plants.

We have thought so far that only securing resources is our contribution to Japanese industries, but it has proved that such consideration lacks a point of view towards “Harmony and symbiosis.”

It is important for technology-oriented Japan how well-balancedly and effectively we make use of precious rare metal resources. What we, AMJ, must do from now on is to develop resources and to secure environment with “harmony and symbiosis.” Of course, it will be our duty to secure rare metal resources which technology-oriented Japan requires. To advance one more step, it is also inevitable for the development and worldwide contribution of our nation to harmonize with natural blessings and to live together with nations of rare metal resources.

All traders of AMJ are now travelling in Chinese back regions, across the deserts in Central Asia and far into Siberian land to seek for resources.

It is our wish to achieve the secure supply of resources to contribute to the industries, with full mobilization of our concept, vision and policy, and at the same time to advance “the harmony and symbiosis” with nations of resources.

AMJ President
Shigeo Nakamura

April 1, 2014

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