We will share all the information concerned and realize our social contribution, aiming at “Creation of a new sense of value” in order to stably secure the metal resources.
We will realize a well-balanced company management by a sense of value shared with both the executives and the employees.
Training Policy
We will realize a company with persistent growth through the training of human resources making the most of each specialty, variety, velocity and individuality.
With abacus in the right hand, romance in the left and patience on the back.
We will realize annual sales of 100 billion yen, ordinary profit of 1.85 billion yen, equity ratio of 50% and 50 employees.

Code of behavior

Our company is aware of our social mission, always keeps compliance and information disclosure, carries out the social responsibility through demonstrating our role. It defines “corporate standard of behavior” as follows in order to the corporate activity which has vitality truly.

  1. As a member of international community, complies with all related international law and takes a sensible course of action based on high ethics and public morality.
  2. In the rare metal industry, improves our expertise and contributes to society by developing and offering the products and services which matches to the needs of client.
  3. With recognizing the measure for an environmental issues to be a business challenge, acts positively for living together with the resource countries of rare metals, harmonizing with natural blessings on resources development sites in the world without destroying environment.
  4. Overseas, understands and respects the international rules, local culture and custom, and acts that it should contribute to local growth.
  5. Respects the humanity of employees each other, and creates corporate culture which can fulfill their capability, creativity, and originality.

March 21, 2008

++ AMJ gains certifications ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)

++ Refference to “conflict minerals”

May2011, Become a full-member of iTSCi(ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative) for the time as a Japanese enterprise

  2. Due diligence report – 2016
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